Today I had the Divine pleasure of spending the afternoon with Satu Tuomela – a real magical woman with an amazingly powerful presence and energy.

We spoke of Chi, the energy within each of us. How it feeds and fuels our Spirit. We talked about the power of letting go in the practice of Yin , being with what is, not resisting and most of all: tuning into our own intuition and magic. We are the alchemists – we have all the tools at our disposal within ourselves to heal.

Satu then spoke heap on emptying the heart, making space within it to be able to hold our mind stuff. If it cannot reside in the heart, the mind will just flow through our bodies.

Focusing on the bones rather than muscles, and making our own medicine with what we have within us!

As a fellow Mama everything she said really resonated with me- we have to flow in our bodies as we do in our lives. Balance everything- Yin and Yang. This is the foundation to a healthy happy life and self!


The energy in that studio was magical and I found myself in tears after our first mantra to Saraswati! i want to thank EVERYONE who was there! it felt truly divine to be in that energy field and i still feel a bit buzzed from it all!

A beautiful day

A natural practice

Amazing sensations

Thank you Satu! Cant wait to learn more with you!


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